Capabilities (Required options are in bold)
Capability Description
browserName ""  used?  I've seen sample code that sets this to 'iOS', and other that set it to ""
version Android SDK version (i.e. 4.2, 4.3) or xcode version (i.e. 6.0, 6.3)
platform ['Mac', 'Windows', 'Linux']  I've also seen "Mac 10.8"
device One of 'android', 'iphone', 'ipad', 'selendroid', 'firefox', or 'mock_ios'.  If device is set to "", it is guessed based on the extension of the 'app' capability.
name Anything you want.

IOS: abs path to simulator-compiled .app file or the bundle_id of the desired target on device;

Android: abs path to .apk file

newCommandTimeout Seconds to wait for the next command
Android Only Capabilities
Capability Description
app-package Package name (i.e.
app-activity Activity name for the Android activity you want to launch from your package (e.g., MainActivity)
device-ready-timeout Timeout in seconds while waiting for device to become ready
app-wait-activity Activity name for the Android activity you want to wait for (e.g., SplashActivity)
Sauce Labs Options
Capability Description
seleniumServerRequestsTimeout 240  in secs